How it started and where it’s going

Time to dream and dream big. How can I use my experiences and passion for working with beautiful textiles and create a new way to showcase them to the world? These were some of the thoughts in my mind about a year ago as I reflected on what my next career step might be.

Using the concept of “fabrics to fashion,” I have created a unique line of women’s coats and skirts that have turned my dreams into reality. As an interior designer, you must have a keen eye for detail, and I’ve spared none in this collection. Clients can choose from hundreds of fabrics, custom buttons from around the world, and luxurious accents like silk linings and fur trim. Each piece is hand sewn and produced in the USA by expert tailors.

In 2014 I was asked by a friend to design and produce a “mother of the bride” dress. She was inspired by a Balenciaga gown and needed help choosing a fabric and getting it executed.

This project got my imagination rolling! Working with a seamstress from the San Francisco Ballet and a gorgeous silk embroidery from France the gown was produced. Stunningly beautiful, a true work of art!

I consider each garment to be a work of art just like a Balenciaga gown. Every client I work with will have an opportunity to create their own custom work of art and showcase their unique sense of style to the world.

“I created these styles but the end result is one that reflects the client’s personality. The elegance is always in the unexpected.”

- Jan Whittingham