Luxurious Style
Jan Whittingham - Born from a Creative Spirit

Over the years, as a textile and interior designer, my passion for unique fabrics has grown and inspired me to dream of ways they can shine as the "show-stopping” star of any room. And then, two years ago, another “Aha” moment came to me. Time to make the woman in that room shine as well. Time to make her "the diamond, the showstopper.”

What better way to elevate these exquisite fabrics even more than to re-interpret them in a line of luxurious women’s jackets.

With thousands of fabrics to choose from my imagination always soars with images. I realized I could curate a collection of distinctive fabrics and translate their sumptuous texture, patterns, and palettes into versatile, bespoke designs to enhance every body type. The hand-stitched jackets would be adorned with exceptional detailing, so that every woman can make her individual selection of style and fabric. Paired with jeans or an elegant sheath dress, as wearable art they will become a closet staple for years to come.

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Click on The Collection to find your favorite style, and I will help you choose from a rich array of opulent fabrics and adornments. Bold, graphic, and bright or soft, feminine, and sexy--show the world your personal Fashion Point of View!

NEW - Let's Get Started and Shine The Spotlight On The Details

No matter what style you choose, you will have a few decisions to make. That’s where the fun begins! In addition to the main fabric you may get to select cuff or waistband fabrics and trims. Specifications are listed by style. Think of it as creating a piece of art. That's what the end result will be!